How to Contribute

We only exist through the generosity of others, either through donations of time as a volunteer member, or financial gifts. Please help support the Operations Support Unit fulfill our motto:

That Others may live.

Joining OSU


To join Snohomish County Volunteer Search & Rescue Operations Support Unit, you will need to attend a meeting. To help speed up the membership process, come prepared with the forms filled out. Please contact the membership person for the current documents.

You will need to complete the required National Incident Command System prerequisite (NIMS)  ICS 100.b and ICS 700.a. Then bring copies of your certificates with your forms.

A condition of membership is a favorable background check performed by the Snohomish County Sheriff Department.

You will need a picture for your Identification Card. The picture should be a digital “passport type”, (Head & shoulders, no hats or dark glasses) and emailed to your unit coordinator is preferred.


There are many ways to donate to OSU, we will gladly take financial, or in kind donations. Currently we are seeking the means to fund a second more agile command truck, as well as make improvements to our existing command and food vans.

If you think you have something we can use, please contact us and we can discuss the best way for you to help us.